> Summer 09

Josh and Max, mugging for the camera
Chatting at Gregg's party
At Gregg's surprise party
Marshall and Gregg
Marshall, Billy and Thomas
Monnie and Mom welcome Gregg to his party
Chastain for India Arie and John Legend
Max at Ely's Birthday Party
Josh enjoying sparklers on the 4th of July
Max on the 4th
Lighting sparklers for the neighborhood kids
Hanging in the hood for the 4th
Josh watching fireworks
Watching some of the 50,000 runners in the Peachtree Road Race
Getting ready for the Peachtree with McD's flapjacks
Josh doing the chicken dance at camp (note the fingernails)
Doing the Macarena
Gregg successfully brings bees back to our garden
Gregg is growing cucumbers, watermelon, peppers, etc.
Playing in the sprinkler on a 95+ degree day
A kiss on Father's Day
Father's Day - wake up dad!
Josh at summer camp
Crazy kids at the zoo
Josh and his faux kangaroo friend
Watching the elephant get a bath at the zoo
Max, Josh and their "panda" friend
Relaxing at the neighborhood festival of summer
Following Baton Bob, the neighborhood cross-dressing favorite parade leader
The festival of summer crazy hat parade
Getting ready for the crazy hat parade
First day of camp!  Noah, Josh and Ethan
Asia getting a hug from Max
Getting soaked
After the raft:  Alex, Gregg, Josh
Alex and Josh, on a birthday outing to Six Flags
Alex and Josh with some weird dude
At our neighborhood park
Gregg gets kisses from Rox's dog
Bradley and Spencer play pick-up-sticks while Josh judges
Max on the "drums"