> Summer '08

Josh, Gregg, Kathy and Sasha at the Pool
Sasha and Kathy Pose
Gregg, Max and Floaty
Josh, moments after falling on his head after taking the next picture
The boyz
Peek a Boo!
Max Hiding
Josh Jumping Off Gregg
Poppy and Max Playing Their Favorite Game (something involving hand-slapping)
Max Playing in Sewage
Gregg, Josh and Poppy Paddleboating on Shit Creek
Nanny and Max
Max Surveying the Photographer
Blowing out Gregg's Birthday Candles
Max Reading (he's only TWO!)
Max and Uncle Dave
Max, Cackling Drunk
Max's Dismayed Look
Josh, Losing at Thumb Wrestling with Mr. Oven Mitt Hands
Max, Newly Shorn
Max, After Enlisting
Lynne, proud of her new blackberry, and the fact that her purse strap can support her breast
Max, Playing with Janie
Max, Bathing with Janie (Damn)
Max Comes Bearing Buckets
Relaxing in our Luxurious Backyard Pool
Josh Boarding the Bus to Summer Camp