> Summer '06 Pics

3 Boys, Early Morning
Packer Fan at Bouncey Place
Josh at Noah's Birthday Party
Max, Aptly Named
Nanny with Max before he got huge
Josh & Max, July 2006
Josh at the Atlanta Aquarium
Josh at SuperCuts
Gregg, getting his first few grays cut
Neck. Hurts. Ouchy.
A Cheap Summer Thrill
Being Chased by Water Wizards
The Solution to Global Warming
I'm King of the World!
Hugs for McKenna
Fun at the Olympic ('96) Fountains
Josh Sits to Urinate
Josh and Nanny Show Max a Crayon
Happy Uncle, Gassy Baby
Uncle Mark Visits Atlanta and Wears a Beret!
Josh Makes a Friendship Bracelet!
Ice Cream!
Sasha, Aunt Kathy and Josh hang in the backyard