> Sam's Bar Mitz!

Max, gangsta style, at the rabbi's house
Josh and Gregg and the Lincoln Memorial
Max, the sit-n-stroll, the Washington monument, Linda
Max debates which animal to ride while waiting in line
Josh counsels Max about how to best approach the carousel ride decision-making
A visit to the carousel on the mall
Josh all dolled up, ready to see Sam bar mitzvahed
Doug and Amy mock the food at the bar mitzvah
Poppy, Gregg and Josh all doing the same seizure-like dance moves
Josh attempts to hold Poppy up on the dance floor
Nanny parties down with a number of 13 year olds
Poppy teaches Josh some new moves to help with the ladies
Poppy and Josh "dance"
Sophie, Amy, Doug and Andrea/Amanda
Dancing at the party
Doug, having some sort of seizure
Bennett, proud after Sam's wonderful bar mitzvah performance
Bennett and Alyson attempt to swing dance
Sophie, Amanda and Poppy get drunk
Doug tries to move away from Amy
Jake dances with the ladies
Sophie, Jake and Amanda
Jake towers over Doug
Bar Mitzvah boy Sam
Amy Lustig dancing with daughter Eve
"Rabbi" Bruce Lustig and neighbor Bennett
Nanny and Doug feed Max mini-hot dogs out of a jar
Eve Lustig and Josh/Kanye
Uncle Doug with Max (who stayed up very late)