> Ross' Bar Mitzvah Pics

Jordyn having fun mocking people on PhotoBooth
Kathy and Gregg
Josh, waiting to play at the Nintendo bar mitzvah station
Josh displaying his phat bling
See-saw at the club's playground
Mark and Gregg
Ross and Josh
Jordyn and Tyler
Josh riding rodeo on Channukah
Josh looks up to his big cousin Tyler
Max, enjoying his dinner of ice cream and beer
Again, tickling Josh
Playing some weird and, likely, inappropriate game
Carmen, Sasha, Max and Sarah
Torturing Josh
The Cousins + Carmen
Jordyn and Josh
Uncle Mark Remembers Their Mom, Naomi
Aunt Kathy lights the Channukah candles
Carmen and Sasha watching Naomi's yartzeit candle
Max, playing with Isa, Ross & Jordyn's dog
Look at that ass!
Driving through Lion Country Safari
Seeing Lion Country Safari from the Ferris Wheel
Max, unimpressed on a ride for punks
They both loooove carousels
Max on the carousel at the cool park
The face in which you could climb
Batman in the Spiderweb
Josh, Gregg and Max at the Coolest Park Ever
Max at the beach on our last (windy, cold-ish) day in Florida
Josh was thrilled to watch the guy cleaning his fish
Dead, fresh fish
Max and Gregg at Deerfield Beach (guess I should have known Max was sick...)
Aunt Sheri (Ross's mom) with Max