> Progress on Our New "Great" Room

Before:  Half of the kitchen
Before:  The other half of the kitchen
Before:  Overlooking the backyard from the kitchen
Before:  The dining room
Before:  The den (no, we hadn't unpacked)
Before:  The den overlooking the front yard
Before:  Looking down our mud room at the laundry and entrance to bathroom
Demo begins, part I:  the kitchen
Demo begins, part I:  the kitchen
Demo begins, part I:  the dining room
Demo begins, part II:  the kitchen
Demo begins, part II:  the den
Demo begins, part III:  the dining room
Demo begins, part II:  the den
Getting ready for new hardwood floors
Stacking up hardwood
Electrical and plumbing is largely complete
The new hardwood floors have been laid
The new doorway connecting the formal living room with the new great room
The god awful room we're living in
The room is finally opened up.
Making progress....
Aaahhh - the smell of sheetrock
Cabinets coagulate
Cabinets everywhere
The cabinets arrive!
A door between the dining room and kitchen/great room is created
Sanded floors!
The island/sink is in place
Lights are in
The walls are primed
The doorway from dining room to kitchen takes shape
The mini "tray" ceiling - a somewhat creative fix to an uneven ceiling
Our New Fridge!  And check out those drawer pulls!
The view from the sink, where I guess I'll constantly be, cleaning up after 3 boys
The cooktop, sans vent and wall tile
The cabinetry for the entertainment unit has arrived!
The window seats, soon to be jammed with balls, toys, old food and my car keys
What's left of our downstairs guest bathroom
The "butler's pantry", next to the swing door to the dining room
The "bar" area, where Gregg will no doubt settle
Container Store pantry, new pass-through to the dining room and new liquor cabinet.
Fabulous storage benches built-in on the left
It's a beautiful, sunny, amazing room.  Dontcha LOVE the pendant lights?
We don't need no stinkin curtains.  OK, maybe we do.
Oopsy!  Can't see the TV from the kitchen table
God forbid we should put books in before the plasma TV
Missing the tile over the cooktop but looks great nonetheless