> Josh's 3rd Birthday!

A Fireman's Coat from Mom & Dad!
A Big Boy Bike from Uncle Doug & Aunt Amy!
Hug from Daddy
A Special Birthday Dessert
Max Celebrating Josh's Birthday
Trying Out a Birthday Gift from Nana
Josh Chewing; Aunt Lolly Posing
"THIS is what we paid $20 per kid for."
"We Paid $20 Per Kid For This??!"
The Sleep Deprived Host and Hostess
Lauran and Mama-San
Josh and Jordan, with Sticker Book
Opening Something That Does NOT Look Like a Book
The Beatnik with His Beatnik-Wanna-Be Dad
Making a Wish
Mama with the Birthday Boy
Auntie Lolly Instigates Drum-Playing
The Big Brother Club - Josh, Noah and Ely
Superman at Three Years