> Jamaica Nov 08

Josh, drinking a vodka mudslide
A day at the beach
Josh in the surf
Gregg marking his father Stanley's yartzeit
Josh, drawing a winner (not his family of course)
Josh won the hula hooping contest
Tug of war - "men" vs women
Max's new best friend
Josh, sizing up the competition prior to the drinking contest
Josh, winning the drinking contest
Max arranging pylons
Josh, with a genuine smile near the dessert table
Josh "dancing"
Max being interviewed by the press
Max wins in his age group!! (2.5)
The "costume" show
Why do I have 2 shots of this in here?
Max, with bruise on his forehead
The boyz
Our last night at the beach
Family photo in beached canoe
Returning to shore after an ocean-swim
Climbing on the dangerous riptide-ensnared trampoline
Gregg jumping off the floating trampoline
Crabs (Bennett - they're ready for you to kill)
Josh, after swimming in the ocean
Josh and Gregg on the Slide
Pretty feet
Such Athleticism.  Such Grace.