> Jamaica, Dec 2007

"Here is where the water is"
Dinner on the Beach for the "Weird People Who've Been Back 4 Times"
Gregg (Forcibly) Teaching Max How to Swim
Gregg Drinking a "Flaming Bob Marley" (too slow, since the straw melted)
Gregg Half-Naked; Josh Completely Naked
Gregg, in a Typical Pose
Gregg, Loving on Linda for the Cameras
Josh & Max, Watching the Landing (before the Customs melt-down)
Josh and Gregg Sea-Kayaking (in 2' Water)
Josh Watching a Dolphin
Josh with his new best buddy, 6 year old Max
Linda and Gregg on the Beach, Shrooming
Max's Poor Face, After Being Snacked on by Sand Flies
Max, Hiding Under a Napkin and Loving It
Max, Resting After a Diaquiri
Mom and Dad on the Beach, Stoned
Nanny + Josh
Nanny Holds Max; Max Looks Stunned
Poppa Trying to Feed Max a Margarita