> Jamaica. Again. Nov 09.

Pool time with Dad
Josh enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, drawing
Max showing off his toys from home
Mommy time
Ice cream!
Exhausted on day three
Josh in mid-air
Max swimming with his Dad
Picture by Josh
Playing on the beach
Pistachio ice cream tongue, part 2
Pistachio ice cream tongue, part 1
About 1 hour before Gregg got completely fall-down drunk
Gregg, punch drunk
Gregg with our favorite bar manager, Sabrina
Max surveying the near-empty tour bus
Bradley, Spencer and Josh
Max, portrait by Josh
Gary, Spencer, Roxanne and Bradley
Max pretending to climb a tree
Josh pretending to climb a tree
Max, sniffing a lemon-y thing we found on a nature tour
Gregg meets a tree his age
Josh in the cooking class
Max, fooling around during the cooking class
Max's food staples during the trip
The Thanksgiving buffet
On the way to Thanksgiving dinner
Ecstatic, in front of the Thanksgiving dessert buffet
The dress-up contest, for which the boys won a bottle of rum
Max, enjoying the Thanksgiving celebration
The view from our room
Josh, being congratulated by the fitness instructor after completing a water aerobics class
Modeling the hat Gregg bought for $10
Josh describing the size of the sand dollar he saw
Max is proud of his prehistoric looking lizard tattoo
Our last night in Jamaica
Josh and Max with Kayann, our nanny