> Fall 2006

Nanny working on a ridiculous puzzle while Josh snacks
Josh in his gangsta pose, replete with baggy pants revealing (Spiderman) underwear
Gregg making sure Josh's innards are in the right place
Aunt Lolly fondling Josh
Aunt Lolly with Packer-endorsed baby Max
Our 7th anniversary dinner photo-op
Josh, celebratory after finishing two bottles of Tabasco
Nanny and Josh before the big show (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat)
Max with thumb and McKenna's brother Ethan
Waiting for the Halloween parade to start
Slighly blurry friends Monnie, Denise and McKenna
The theme of this year's Halloween parade
Gregg holding sleeping Max during Halloween parade
Gregg with neon fish art, for a Georgia Aquarium fundraiser
Gregg with liquor and really big fish
If he could text, he's send you one that said, "DO I MAKE U HORNY???"
Max waiting for his six month shots
Curious George (courtesy of Nanny) wrestling a lion at the zoo
Max, overheated at the zoo