> Canadian Cruise July 09

Jake and Nanny share a laugh
Waiting for dinner on the first night
Swimming in the secret special pool
A laugh at the pool
Max watching the ship set sail
Shuffleboard, in a desperate attempt to entertain the kids
Bennett & Dad
Josh and Max in bubble overload in the jacuzzi tub
Bennett, enthralled by the evening "entertainment"
Drinks before dinner
I won $75!
Formal night
Nanny and me on the first "formal" night
A final shot of our mack-daddy suite
Burning off some steam in the Halifax port
In Halifax, dancing to the sounds of a brass band
Max, after nap, on the balcony
Alyson and Bennett, swing dancing
Bennett & Alyson, after dancing a jig
At the front of the ship
Gregg at dusk, on board
A dangerous yet pointless game of ping-pong
Josh trying to stand at attention
Josh mugging with Max
Overlooking the harbor in Halifax
Sam trying to drink a fake beer
Nanny gets a workout
Josh and Sam try to create a six foot bubble at a Science Museum in Nova Scotia
Max, living happily in the jungle
Monkey scared by Sam
Nanny smiles while Max eats his zipper
On the "formal" night (i.e., no kids!)
Mom & Dad
Mom and Dad are congratulated on their 50th anniversary
Sam and Josh read Talmud
Josh waits for the 5th course
Max discovers "Shirley Temples".  Thanks Sam.
Jake and Josh signal for a barf bag
Enjoying a moment on the first day of the cruise
Max with a bell on his head
A view of the ship from Halifax
Enjoying beer and clam chowder on a day trip to Bar Harbor, Maine
Max atop the ship's anchor
A view of the ship from Quebec City
Nanny makes Max laugh